This place where the dead speak with the living

by Annimal Machine

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Oficialmente este es el primer LP de Annimal Machine.

* Recomendamos escuchar este disco con alto volumen para llegar al lugar donde los muertos hablan con los vivos.

* We recommend listening to this album at high volume to reach the place where the dead speak with the living.


released March 29, 2014

Ingeniero de tracking: Jorge Vargas
Ingeniero de mezcla: Alfio Gomez Trigueros
Grabado y mezclado en Loud Studio en Guadalajara, Jalisco.

Arte y diseño por Rene Hernández.
Música y letras por Annimal Machine



all rights reserved


Annimal Machine Ciudad Guzmán, Mexico

Mexican heavy-as-fuck music.

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Track Name: War
Rising pigs.
with the devil inside
my head,
this is my job.

Children, men,
died by my
I can't sleep,
I'm treated

My rifle and I,
searching for the way home
children smiling
before know death.

My sweat, tears and
My sacrifice
turn into oil.
Track Name: Condenado
Muriendo en el desierto
Camino bajo el sol
Atado a unas cadenas
Y rezo de rodillas

Los ciervos me carcomen
Mis ojos y mi piel
Yo ya no tengo tiempo
Me enfrento a la muerte

Las sombras me visitan
Lo he perdido todo
Me encuentro tan vacio
Y vuelo al precipicio

Me juzga el señor
Me odia como a ti
Escucha mis pecados
Me encuentro condenado.
Track Name: A Fistful of Dollars
I’ve been
Walking so far away
I’m dragging on wine
My horse has died and
The storm makes me feel

I can see
A gunman on the road
He’s pointing to me
On the head
I told him to shoot
Shoot Me!

He lift his gun
Hold the fear to die
To offer me
A fistful of dollars
Sight he’s on his knees
Lurking praying for god

I keep walking
A couple of miles
A serpent
Got closer to me
Try to buy my thoughts
You would be the one
She said
Humanity is yours
She said
I just keep walking away
Track Name: Lake of Oblivion
So close to the lake
Of oblivion
Feeling the blood run
A vacuum in the heart
Beating very strong
Flows a cold wind
Invade my back
And through my body

Feel, weak
In this place
Where the dead
Speak with the living

God is on my side
Talking behind my back
Watching my lost
I need to find her

Now standing here
I’ve came to take her soul
To liberate of this place
They condemn and
Never return.

Feel, Weak
In this place
Where the fucking dead
Speak with the living

The sacrifice
Give the humanity
To recover two souls
My mother and my lover.
Track Name: Rage
Can you feel my rage?
This is my mind
Making explosion babe
I’m sick of this world
Full of shit and
You’re like a robot
Following the rules

Don’t follow the rules
Find your own way
I’m sick of this men
They have jobs they hate
To buy things
They don’t need
Go to hell

You don’t want to see the truth
‘Cos you’re afraid of it

Don’t let them blind you
Open your eyes
You’re not your wallet
I say evolve
Can you hear me?
Try just to live.